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user Insight has become an industry! Yes, there is multi billion dollar industry that uses user data to create reports and profiles.

On the surface most insights are simple. Why? Because the data is basic. The purpose of this short article is to 1) provide you with ‘insight’ to possibilities and 2) get you started with something simple but valuable

Data is valuable. No, its not the new oil as some would describe it. It is not free flowing it has to be collected or mined! It has to be accurate! We want to avoid ‘garbage in garbage out’ If you are capturing prospect leads there will be spammers and bots looking for exploits. We want human data input not bot.

When a user not a bot visits your website, if there is an onsite search they will use it. by using this onsite search you will be provided with user insights. If there is a newsletter subscription form they may sign up, if there is a contact form they may use it to contact you. each of these examples provide insights in a direct manner. The form captures user information and sends it to you immediately to process. The onsite search is not something you can deal with immediately unless your search is connected to a live AI messenger bot!

Remember, we’re keeping this simple. We’re not leaping to an AI messenger bot before we get used to collecting onsite search phrases!

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