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Just Install Google Analytics, Just do it!

It is easy to not bother looking at your website traffic data! Why do businesses have a website if they can’t be bothered to see what people are doing on their website? Most businesses want people to ‘find’ their website followed by taking some kind of action. Most businesses create a website with a fixed idea of what action will be taken by people who ‘find’ their website.

Do you know what action visitors to your website wil take and why?

Did you plan your ‘call to actions’ before and during your website design and development?

Do you have analytics installed with tracking ?

If you have answered yes to all three of the above you are likely to be looking at traffic reports regularly?

If you have answered no to the above. 

It is time to install analytics and start looking at website traffic reports.  Unlocking the Power of Analytics: How Data Can Transform Your Business.

GA Changes to GA4 Ready ?

GA4 is the fourth major release of Google Analytics and is the newest iteration of the free website tracking software. GA4 is becoming the default version of Google Analytics and will be the sole option for analytics tracking come July 1st2023.

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