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How to create content. There are different ways to create (text) content. How many ways are there to create content? 5 ways, 3 ways just the 1 ! There are more ways to create content than you can think but for now we’ll cover just 3 and focus on text!  Given your subject matter is known your first choice is writing yourself.  Put yourself infront of a keyboard and open a word document and start typing (just as I am now!).  Hey presto you’re creating content.

The next option is getting someone else to write your content for you.  For this you’ll need a freelance copywriter / content creator. And they will need to understand the topic / subject matter for the content they create.  Not that a bot understands the subject, which is the 3rd option.  Who really understands the content you create?  This is the question that plagues the SEO industry.  The answer to this question is Google decides!  Professional SEO’s will argue there is a science to creating content that drives quality traffic and I would mostly agree.  However, where there is science there is madness so try and keep things simple and stick to a few basic rules.  If you stick to a few simple SEO rules you should start seeing an increase in website traffic that converts into sales and enquiries.

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