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Trying too hard to get FREE marketing?

How simple is marketing ? Seriously how difficult do you make it for your business to make some noise ?
Marketing has always been closely tied to spending money to make money, so does this hinder your efforts?
Trying too hard to get FREE marketing?
It’s practically impossible to justify the time and effort doing something that is then claimed to be free.  So start with that thought.  Nothing is free even the thing you think is free! 
Next, make a list of all the typical places you know your typical customer is spending time, this is very easy in today’s world of online! Offline is important but that is for another day.  We’re dealing with putting into perspective cost of marketing.  The cost of marketing should not be wasted if you get it right.  Getting it right simply involves understanding where your customers are hanging out online!
Social Media Marketing is by far the best way to reach your target market.  It is also the best way to become more personal and engaging.  Ironically if you enjoy being online yourself and making videos your costs will be reduced considerably.  Still wont be free but savings are to be made.
Search is a different area and it simply comes down to understanding people search for your products and services.  This does not change.  Social Media is generally not a search for strategy but a visual engagement strategy.  Search is more of an intent actionable activity to deal with.
Both can come together and be handled in the same way or you can experiment.  With different landing pages. Regardless you are producing a message for your prospect to react to and this is marketing.
It all sounds simple and it is.  Social Media you can use for free.  Search will be free too.  You just need to post images, videos and content and wait for someone to engage.  The engagement doesn’t have to be on your website it can be on your social media platform(s).
You just need to map out a strategy that fits your time and budget.
No one understands your business, your products, your service better than you.  So it only makes sense that you are the best person to put your marketing strategy together with the people who can make it all happen.
Content (SEO)
Social Media Platforms
Go and get the traffic and engagement you deserve.
PS I didn’t mention email marketing intentionally.  Your marketing strategy should include email marketing.
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