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Abandoned carts is a problem for all online retailers, regardless of your chosen ecommerce software, its not just Drupal Commerce!

The solution for Drupal Commerce depends on the development team! There are as always different ways to fix abandoned carts. When I say fix I simply mean ‘increasing the chances of completing the purchase’

Your ecommerce software can only ever recover an abandoned cart with an email or phone number. Note! Recovering a user visit by using retargetting is slightly different but the goal is the same! Getting someone to finish what they started.

Ecommerce software can be integrated into third party services for retargetting but this is a different strategy that does not involve paid for advertising.

This method of cart recovering after abandonedment involves a simple module addon.

The process is simple!

  • User visits the website
  • adds items to cart
  • starts the checkout process
  • enters email address to create an account or logs in with an existing account
  • user leaves the website with items in their shopping cart basket.

If the user does not return to the website within x number of days or a defined time, a simple email reminder is sent. This process is automated. It is setup once and runs in the background.

The automation can be edited and tweaked at anytime however it would only require an edit if the abandonedment rate was high and the recovery rate was low.

Would you like the Drupal Commerce Abandoned Cart for your website ? See the Drupal Commerce requirements for a quick installation.

The fantastic part of this is you get a record of all the users who do not complete their order.  You also get a conversions report which shows you it was worth the time to install the Drupal Commerce abandoned cart module.

Not using Drupal Commerce?  Want to have this feature running on WordPress Woocommerce?

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