Why do website owners fail to consider where their biggest digital asset is hosted?

Hosting isn't very interesting! There is your answer!  ()When was the last time you logged into your Google Analtics and looked at your stats reports?)

Another non interesting for website owners!  These are two bold claims but it is the truth.  Very few business owners (website owner) are provided with vital information that would make a massive difference to their business.

Another bold claim!  But TRUE

Seriously why would you pay £1000 a month for website hosting when you can pay £10 ?  If you can see your website... it's working, yes ?  No !

Check a couple of simple metrics and read the latest (very consistent) stats on user behaviour.

Simple metric 1, your website bounce rate.  Bounce rate is the user leaving your website on the page they entered.

Simple metric 2, how long did they 'engage' with your website before leaving?

Generally people leave because of 2 reasons, often merged into one.  It wasn't what they were looking for and the page did not load fast enough!

When pages load fast decisions are made quicker and if they dont see exactly what they were looking for there may be something else on the page that 'interests' them enough to click to another page before leaving / staying.  This will be dependent on how fast the website is responding to their clicking!

Simple?  Here is something else that is really simple.  Free to cheap hosting = slow !  Its not a con its a FACT.  Increasng your website speed will without any doubt increase your conversions AND Google will also reward your website with more traffic (if you have good content!).

Its all very simple but for most business owners this is of little interest and for those that are interested they make the decisions that ensure they a) get more traffic and b) win more customers.


If you have made it to this point you are statistically more likely to be a freelancer SEO / copy writer, a website developer possibly a business owner! If you are a business owner and you have reached this point you should at the very least want to know why different website hosting makes a difference to your profits.  Businesses have to make a profit! Spending less on website hosting is not saving money.  In fact it is costing your business far more in lost 'visitor enagagement' that leads to enquiries and online purchases.  Cheap website hosting does not and have never resulted in increasing traffic and increasing visitor conversions.  It is of course the complete opposite.  Cheap website hosting equates to slow websites, stagnant traffic and low conversions.

Myth Buster - Awesome, fast performing website hosting does not have to be expensive.  In fact very good website hosting can be very affordable.  Both Google and AWS offer cloud solutions that can be scaled when needed.  Network performance isn't hidden and your resources are very clear to understand.

As a consultant I do not sell website hosting I just advise.  The decision as a business owner or website owner is yours to take.  If your website is failing to increase traffic it may not be soley because of your hosting!  Your content for example generates organic traffic (along with SEO).  If you're running ads your conversions will be effected by the speed of your website.  There are numerous factors to consider as a business owner.  Rushng off to buy expensive website hosting is NOT will not turn your website into a cash machine.

Run a few checks before you address hosting.  However, if you are a shared website server and paying less than £50 a month your website will be part of the problem.

First steps to carry out.  Check your analyics (Google) Check your Google Search console for additional website perfomance reports

Review your traffic and gauge your traffic Low - High

Look at how your website traffic is generated.  Is it paid for 'keyword search phrases', organic traffic (active SEO and content cration) or social media.  You may have a mix of campaigns depending on your business.  Local leaflet distribution, flyers, radio ect.  The challenge is knowing from what source your website visitors originated followed by a) did they leave upon arrival or stay around to be converted into a customer?

The speed of your website is importanrt so check your website speed (the server can be the cause of slow speeds but so can your clunky website!)

Check how many other websites are being hosted in the same servers.  Call your website hosting company and ask them what the server spec is and how it is shared with other websites being hosted with yours.  Consider moving to a dedicated AWS Instance !





Website & Server Report

I would like a checklist to help make the best decision for my website hosting.

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