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Are you happy with your current hosting services?  It’s a question 99% of business owners never consider! Why do website owners fail to consider where their biggest digital asset is hosted?Do you know how fast your website is?  You wont know unless you carry out a performance test!99% of business owners will NEVER carry out a performance test.  Why?  They rely on their web designer / developer.Do you know what is included in your current website hosting?Most hosting services make a list of technical specification that 99% of business havnt a clue what they mean!Most website designers and developers dont fully understand the impact of performance based on hardware and network.Do you need to move your website to a better server? Call 07872121998

Hosting is overlooked by almost all business owners!

Why is website hosting overlooked?Because it isa) not visible andb) considered part of the domain / website!A simple win over your competitor’s website is knowing that a) hosting is very real and b) it is not your website!  Its a simple win because you will take action and ask us to move your website. Fast websites get more traffic and the visitors they get are more likely to convert.Why is this a simple win?  Because you will move your hosting to a faster server.  There is a reason cheap hosting is cheap!  It has 100’s some have 1000’s of other websites hosted on the same server.Eg P Address – 627 other sites hosted on this server  Check your website on the WHOIS tool.There is a big difference between going for cheap compared to affordable!The very best server and website hosting for your budget will put you above your competitors as you start out with a new website.  For established websites with traffic, check your website speed – there are several services to use.  We use 3 of the best to gain a full understanding of potential bottlenecks.  Technically speed and performance are not strictly related but the speed of your server will impact on performance.  If your website is important to your business your website hosting should be important too!

AWS Hosting for WordPress

How Does Website Hosting Management Work?

Simple!    Professional website server techs ensure the website’s server is available on the network.  Management of the server ensures critical security updates are made and the server performance is optimised on the network.

The server is on a network that is the internet!

Without a server you have no website!  Would you like to know how fast your website is? 

How do I know I need Hosting Management?

Give your current website hosting provider a quick call and ask them if your website server is up to date and running as fast as it should be. 

If you don’t get through to your website server support team you need website server management!  Unless you manage your own server?

Call 01827714753 or 07872121998 and ask about website hosting  management

Did you know the speed of your website is not totally dependent on the speed of your server!  The network your server is on is more important!  As is the number of other websites on the same server as your website! 

You didn’t know that there are other websites on the same server you pay for each month? Check how many other websites are sharing the same server resources with using WHOIS

Whats the difference between a website server and website hosting?

A website server can be setup to host 1 or several websites. 

For the vast majority of the worlds websites they are on shared hosting setups. 

In most cases websites share the same resources with 1000’s of other websites.  Go to a WHOIS service and check how many websites are the same server as your website. 

Type your website name in and you will discover where your website is hosted and how many other websites are on the same server.  Hosting packages quite often use specifications to make hosting sound worth ore than what you actually get.

We recommend and use AWS for many reasons and one of the main reasons is your resources are dedicated to your website.

Is your website

Website Audit

Check your website speed, performance and security.  Get a full audit and be sure your not wasting time and money on your website hosting.

Website Hosting Audit

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What is YOUR Marketing Message?

Do you know your marketing message?  Do you have images and copy that respresent your brand, products and services?  Are you actively marketing to promote and engage with your target audience?  Are you generating prospect lists and converting your campaign audiences into customers?If your website is SLOW?  You are wasting 50% – 70% of your marketing effort if your website is slow!  More, if your efforts focus on converting website visitors to customers.Get an audit and be sure! 

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