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Why have a website if you dont want people to find it?  You have a website because you want people to find it.

If the objective is to be found when people are searching for your product and services, where do you start the process of achieving being found?  SEO is one choice.

IS there a difinitive guide with a beginning and an end to achieve your goals and is SEO the solution?

Google states you have to have to start with goals!  How simple would that be, to have a goal and the goal post didn’t move!  For the sake of keeping things simple let us assume the goal posts do not move and all we have to do is score the goal to ‘achieve’.

What is your goal?

What would make your business happy if the ball kept hitting the back of the net?

Scoring Goals with Moving Goalposts

In reality the goalposts are moving all the time.  Does it help to know the goalposts move?  Does it distract, should it distract from scoring your goal?

What is you goal?  Getting more traffic from search engines is all very vague.  You have to be more precise to win and you win by scoring more goals!  Scoring goals with a moving goalpost is possible.  Not only is it possible but can be achieved easily.  Achieved easily if not distracted.  The moving goalpost is a distraction so first thing first is knowing the difference between things you can control and things you can not!

An important point should be considered at this moment.  Do you just want more people to find your website without knowing all the strategy involved?  How many players do you need on the pitch with moving goalposts?  Or do you just pay someone to take care of the SEO game for you?

Tell Me More about the Team I need

Great SEO campaigns require a team!  You need to know which key phrases are worth pursuing. You need a content writer not an AI BOT! You need analysis tools. You need an OUTREACH team to establish backlinks.   You need a team!


Give me the SEO Team!

Our business requires more traffic to generate leads and sales, put the SEO team to work for us!

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