The Best Payment Module for Drupal Commerce

How do you know which payment gateway to use for your ecommerce website?

There are hundreds, thousands of checklists and guides on how to create an ecommerce website.  Then there is Shopify! The all in one solution.  No need to think about anything.  It's all done for you!

Is that how successful businesses are run?  NO!

What percentage are you paying for your card transactios?

All payment transaction / card processing including PayPal come with a charge!  Stripe isn't free! PayPal is only free if you are transferring money to friends and family.  You're not running a successful online business if you are only selling to friends and family and using PayPal!

Which ecommerce platform are you using? We work with clients using either Drupal Commerce or WordPress Woocommerce.  The most popular ecommerce.

The choice of payment processing recommended to clients has changed over the years.  And there are very good reasons for this.  Top of the list for reasons for our recommendation is reducing failed payments and errors causing failed payments.

Having a reliable payment gateway to process your customers orders is critical to success.  Failed payments equals bad experience and reduces the chances of repeat orders.

Because change is constant in the world of technology it is best practice to make sure everything is up to date. Payment plugins and modules have to keep up with change too.  Quite often in the world of open source code updates are slow.  This is one of the reasons why errors happen.

The 2 main reasons for updated code is Secuirty and Speed.  As long as an update somewhere in the transaction flow does not conflict with another everything remains consistent.  However, some updates cause conflicts.

Recently Paypal have updated the Woocommerce plugin and for some websites this has caused a problem.  A new Pay Later button has appaeared!

A recent takeover by Opayo has caused changes for the Sagepay modules and plugins.

Changes can cause problems when service providers fail to inform stakeholders.

If you use shopify you reduce the risks of conflict with payment providers but you pay the price for your success.  Why?  Because the transaction rates are higher!  If your online sales volume are high you should be using a payment gateway that settles into a merchant account.

Because of the ease to setup an ecommerce website store without a merchant account payment gateways such as Stripe have become popular.  As a result they have become very good at what they do.  Is there a difference between payment gateway providers?  Yes! Absolutely yes!  Why?  Because their available API and code is different.  In simple they are carrying out the same set of transactions but they use slightly different code / sotware. and here lies one of the problems for ecommerce websites that made the effort to setup a merchant account to settle payments.

Setting up a merchant account is a hassle but it is also essential if your online retail store is to succeed.



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