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I love articles that claim they know the best services in a list. The word ‘THE’ defines this ambitious heading!

The Ten Best Email Marketing Platforms of 2022 stands out when it starts with ‘the’, remove the and you just have a list of 10. And having a list of 10 out of 100’s is just a list!


The BRUTAL truth is that all of the CRM Email marketing automation sales solutions are a NIGHTMARE to chose from!  They all do the same things differently.  They all need setting up or being on boarded !

Unless you are prepared be prepared to ‘waste’ a lot of time to ‘save’ time.  In a nutshell you will find something your choice wont do exactly you want it to and if you have gone so far you will just accept its shortcomings.

How these lists of ‘the’ best come about are often with the intention of sneaking in a bit of self promotion inyo the article! I make this point here, with a list of the best website marketing agencies!

So, you want a list of email marketing platforms that offer CRM ? What is your budget? How integral is this for your business to succeed? Do you just want to blast out emails a few times a month with no follow up ? or do you want to setup a sequence of emails that can be tracked?

Do you have a list of needs for your use of a email marketing platform? I ask this for a simple reason. Most CRM’s email marketing platforms have bells and whistles! Automation being almost standard in 2022. Will you need onboarding or will your team intuitively setup the ‘flow’ and hit go?

Here are 10 of the most widely known and used. And to be fair most marketing teams and businesses have tried at least 2 or 3 of them. Why do they switch? Probably the same reason you change your car every 2 years!

Note: I have replaced the 3 of these from original source as they are aimed at high traffic high turnover customers. This list is best suited for coaches, consultants, online retailers and lead generation services.

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