Warwickshire, UK

The average cost of a new website design, created as new from scratch is £1500. This is a cost you should consider if you do the work yourself. You wont have time to test all the free website building services available. But lets say you read 3 good articles that are NOT affiliate articles (they are 100% objective) and you decide on using a recommended free website builder. That would have consumed approx 3 – 5 hours of your time. Given you did spend the 5 hours of research time wisely and you make the right decision for the selected free website builder you now have to design the website and create it yourself.

How much time will you need to allocate to learn to use the free website builder? Are you planning on being a website designer do you have better things to do with your time to make your business successful?

How does a website designer or agency break down the costs to create a website? What is needed from the client, business owner to deliver a website and design that represents the business and the client feels is right for the business? People have different views and tastes when it comes to design and when it comes down to how a website should look for the customers its a whole new world of opinions.