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How Does Website Hosting Management Work?

Simple! Professional website server technicians ensure the server your website is running is working exactly as it should.  Management of the server ensures critical security updates are made and the server performance is optimised.

How do I know I need Hosting Management?

Give your current website hosting provider a quick call and ask them if your website server is up to date and running as fast as it should be.  If you don’t get through to your website server management team you need website server management! 

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Whats the difference between a website server and website hosting?

A website server can be setup to host 1 or several websites.  For the vast majority of the worlds websites they are on shared hosting setups.  In most cases websites share the same resources with 1000’s of other websites.  Go to a WHOIS service and check for yourself.  type your website name in and you will discover where your website is hosted and how many other websites are on the same server.  Hosting packages quite often use specifications to make hosting sound worth ore than what you actually get.

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