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Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving a websites visibility to gain higher search engine rankings for relevant keywords (search phrases).

A great SEO campaign will focus on driving a higher quantity of traffic and a better quality of traffic to your website.

SEO has never been more important for a businesses success.
With 85% of all websites traffic coming from search engines, if you aren’t carrying out SEO, you will be missing out on huge amount of traffic. Traffic = New Business and Sales!  Make no mistake in understanding this, almost all business transactions start with a Google Search!

SEO Steps

The approach to making SEO work is based on simple logic.  Some SEO agencies will want to make SEO sound complicated but in reality SEO is very simple.  Yes there is a technical element to good SEO but this too is easy to understand.  Each page of a website needs to be contructed so that Google can read the content / text easily.  After Google has read your website / pages it can provide you with a ranking or value assessment.  We can find Googles valuation in Google Search console and Google Analytics 4.

Easy to understand so far?  What’s all the fuss about?  Step 1.  Align your website content, including images, PDF, rich media and video to your products and services.  Do not over use / repeating your content for the sake of repeating ‘keywords and keyword phrases’.  Make your content valuable to the website visitor.  Your content has to be attractive and meaningful for your visitor who in turn may become your customer.  Simple so far?  Of course it is, SEO is simple.  SEO agencies make it complicated so they can chanrge more for their expert services.  What is SEO expertise?  The expertise understanding of SEO requires using tools to gauge where best to spend time gaining backlinks naturally.  You can buy backlinks but this is not only frowned upon by Google it can lead to being given a penality for cheating!  Yes, buying backlinks is cheating.  So how do you get backlinks without paying for them?  You have to allow related websites to add a link to your website on their own accord.  This is natural and organic link building and will be the best way to ensure organic search traffic stands the test of time.

Your Seed Keywords

Ready to start your SEO campaign for your seed / target keywords?  Your products and services will need content and the keywords for your products and services will be part of the content.  Most businesses will have prmotional literature to describe their products and services but your website content will have to go beyond the basic descriptions if you’re to benefit from organic internet search traffic via SEO.  Creativity will be need and the dreaded word ‘blog’ should be discussed.  It doesnt have to be a blog it could be articles.  Additional information that surrounds your products and services within the industry is how your content should be formed.  By creating interesting article titles and content that is published on your website is how Google will know to show your website in search results for the keywords used by people looking for the things you do!  Simple yes?  What do you do?  Are you an accountant ?  How boring, all those numbers, how can you write anything interesting about something so dull.  What about dentists?  Someone looking in people’s mouths all day long and those needles, nothing like a nice pair of white teeth. Your industry is worth billions and you take a share of it.  People searching for accommodation, the best room prices, quirky pubs to stay or cheap B&B will be presented with Google Ads, the organic SEO traffic comes after the ads and these links being clicked are valuble to you as a business and the customer looking to find a solution.  So, what are your seed / target keywords and keyword phrases?

SEO Content - Natural Readable Good Quality

Dont just make it up and for goodness sake dont stuff your content with keywords (keyword stuffing was a practice dodgy seo services did from 2001 – 2009)! 

Dont get confused with creating and curating! Developing a content creation style that is consistent with your brand and products will naturally align you to your prospects.  They’ll read and hear your tone.  Create your content unnaturally and it becomes a risk to your SEO efforts.  SEO should not be an effort it should just happen!  All the campaigns we’ve worked on over the years and in different sectors the key to top page positions is being natural and authentic.  Creating good quality content that is readable cannot be forced.  We work in many sectors and regardless the common theme will always be the same, be genuine and offer something of value that is also interesting and insightful.  It doesnt have to be so unique you’re giving away trade secrets but offer something that is just good value and worth reading.  How to do something well is the advice people are searching for.  so if you know how to do something well and the instructions are easy to follow, just explain it and you have your good quality content. 

The sectors we work in are professional business services (accountants, solictors), hospitality (pubs, hotels, restaurants), Leisure (holiday parks, golf courses, day spas & beauty), Automotive (car dealers, car loans & insurance), Finance (Insurance, Mortage, property, Estate Agents), Online Retail (ecommerce both retail and B2B), Lead Generation and Data Mining.

It's all about those Links those Backlinks

SEO is about content and the link back to the content.  It really is about the links.  In simple, the links back to the website or pages within the website give Google a signal.  Depending on where the link is coming from depnds on how Google values your content!  Sounds too simple?  There is an algorithm that can calculate whether the link to your website is genuine and in context or not.  So if its out of place or our of character the link will either be ignored or added to a score.  The score will be used to compete with other websites that have links back to their website and pages.  You can see how that makes sense right?  The more links with a good reputation you have the more likely it is that your website get a better score and subsequently rank higher.  Your Search Engine Result Page will be higher.  Of course most SEO agencies will place backlinks as the most important activity but its not just about getting a backlink.  The link has to be natural and consistent with the content.  This is why its all about those backlinks.  Its the extra attention to detail that counts.  If you run a business offering sports massages at a luxury hotel and the page with your content and services has links coming from coffee bean wholesaler in Brazil, A Tea Plantation in China and a Car