List of Credible Details for your Website

Essential Website Details

There will always be details a business owner thinks are important other than the most basic. Time and time again business owners think they know best! They think what they like is the same as what other like. My favourite colour is X, so your favourite colour is X syndrome.

It's a syndrome because of the collective characteristics on display by business owners, luckily there is a cure! However, no amount of banging your head against a brick wall will change the view of a business owner who believes their opinions are the same as their prospects and future paying customers. Of course there are exceptions, eg Damien Hirst & Banksy. So unless you're an art dealer heed one lesson. The average business will fail to attract new customers if it fails to put personal preferences to one side.

Basic Website Details - Local Search

Basic Details is all you need! Forget, fancy dancy gimmicky visuals!

Local Search - SEO

Google loves to display local business details. Google likes to have you in their database. You're a prospect to Google! For sure Google will display your details and send you free traffic. Free traffic for local searches from defined 'category' keywords for your business. Beyond these specific keywords you'll need some additional 'content' on your website. Regardless of font, size and colour your core content and information should be 'good content'.

Step by Step Local SEO Business

This is a simple guide to ensure your business will be found locally. There are lots of resources and guides online that are very similar. The reason this guide is short and simple is to save time. Saving time but not missing the essentials to ensure your business is found on local search.

It is important to understand local search is not getting lots of free traffic for your products and services you sell. Many business owners make the mistake of believing local search is the same as national / global search. Two very different sets of results.
So, here are two (2) very different variables already thrown into the mix.
1) Keywords - business category specific (not related to products / services) and 2) Geographic - traffic from local not the wider population of searches being carried out.
Hopefully you can see the differences and limiations. But most importantly do not let this prevent you from having a very strong local search presence. Please follow the simple steps to ensure you are positioned well, there are a few extra tips to lift your presence and get you started being found nationally. All in all this is a very good start to best practice SEO.

Digital Solutions - Marketing - Design - Software Solutions!

Website Upgrades - security updates

You never want to encounter a security breach and your website or app goes down. Your credibility hits zero with any new customers on your site at the time of compromise. Wordpress, Drupal CMS management. Ecommerce SEO Marketing done for you.

Automate Telephony Appointments

This example is real! Appointment handling high volumes of patients can reduce costs significantly. Need telephony automation software.

Email Automation

Delivering timely messages to your customers after sales will help retain and improve customer experience.

Increasing Traffic - Sales

Content alone will not bring more traffic to your website! Connect your digital assets and see the difference in sales.

AWS Server Management

AWS are the Worlds leading cloud Hosting providers but do you have the best AWS team to manage your Hosting. Tune up, speed up and win more.

Social Media Marketing

Restaurants do not need to give away profits to commission based services, Win more bookings directly and grow your profits.

Big Data!

This conjures all manner of things that boggle the mind! Competitor analysis? Product price comparisons? Anything you can think of we can put into a report.

Digital Marketing Software Development - Ecommerce

Measure everything! Make the best informed decisions with data insights:

  • Software Development
  • API Integrations
  • Google Ad Management
  • Google Analytics Management
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Wordpress Support
  • Drupal Support
  • OpenCart Support
  • Website Design Development
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Hosting - Security see examples
  • Website Hosting - Speed Performance see examples
  • Website Hosting - Cloud Server Management
  • Prospect / Lead Generation
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Email Marketing - Sendinblue - Mailjet API
  • SMS Marketing
  • Copywriting - Marketing
  • Graphic Design - Website
  • Graphic Design - Marketing
  • Graphic Design - Social Media
  • Graphic Design - Apparel

Software development, website design, security audits, cloud based apps, automation platforms whatever you can think of we can build it. Python, PHP, Jquery, database architecture and design, email marketing automation. We can join the dots no matter what you are currently using to help your business run seamlessly.

Get in contact and lets talk about how we can help your business grow faster. Beat your competitors and win more customers. Just want new qualified leads / prospects?